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Choose your pricing plan

  • Social Media Package

    Every week
    No more scheduling social media posts, let us do it!
    • 3 posts per day, 5 days/week on 3 different platforms weekly
    • Design your own posts or get help from us
  • Social Connections

    Every month
    Social Engagement to kickstart relationships online
    • Social Media Engagement for 1.5 hours per week
    • Identify potential customers and customers
    • Identify potential leads
    • Monitor for potential growth opportunities and issues
    • Direct engagement with your social media followers
    • Weekly updates of engagement, opportunities, & leads
    • Help identify peak social media hours for your client base
    • FREE Introductory Consultation
  • Social Engagement

    Every week
    Your Social Media Concierge
    • 3 hours of social media engagement each week
    • Customer Service Support via social media platform
    • Direct engagement with your social media audience
    • Weekly updates of potential client issues & concerns
    • Relationship building with your current client base
    • Engage current customers via platform to assess satisfaction
    • Identify opportunities through interactions on social media
    • Weekly list of potential leads identified
    • Help identify peak hours to engage your client base
    • Brief weekly overview of conversations & interactions
    • FREE Introductory Consultation
  • Admin (2 hours/week)

    Every week
    Delegating small tasks can make a Big Impact on your success
    • 2 hours/ week for any of the following services
    • Inbox and Calendar Management
    • Social Media Scheduling
    • Customer service support
    • Social media engagement
    • You design a 2 hour plan and we'll help you take a load off
  • Office Support

    Every week
    Up to 5 hours of office support each week
    • Calendar & Inbox Management options
    • 3 scheduled Social Media post/day option (FB, Insta, LI)
    • Customer service support
    • Social Media engagement
    • Annual Customer Surveys to assess opportunities
    • Email engagement to clients and potential clients
    • Social Media engagement
    • 5 hours of support weekly
    • Choose from any of the above services, tailored to your need
    • Work with us to create a plan that creates more time for you
  • Office Wiz

    Every week
    Up to 10 hours of office support per week
    • Office assistant to manage inbox & calendars
    • Social Media post & management options
    • Social Media outreach options
    • Customer service/ relationship management options
    • Zoom assistant services to manage live meetings options
    • Book keeping options
    • Customer Satisfaction Management
    • *Carryover up to
  • Zoom Assistant

    3 hours of Meeting Support
    • Professional Assistant to help with your Live Zoom meetings
    • Help with Breakout Rooms
    • Assistant to help manage issues during your sessions
    • Help letting attendees into meeting
    • Help sharing information with attendees such as surveys
    • Help with following up with attendees after session ends
    • Up to 3 hours of time for flat rate
  • Business Start-up

    Cleaning Company Niche Support
    • One on One Cleaning Business Start-up Session
  • Basic Web Design I

    • 30 Minute Discovery Session
    • Client Provided graphics, logo, & content
    • Review & Tweak up to 2x
    • Up to web 3 pages
  • Website Design II

    Up to 5 pages *
    • 30 minute Discovery Session to discuss site requirements
    • Custom Graphics based on your brand/logo style guidelines
    • Conversion Driven Content Structuring
    • Client provided content and graphics
    • Custom graphics (additional costs, not included in plan)
    • Review + Tweak up to 2 times
    • 30 minute Website Training Session
    • Up to 4 pages (which includes landing page)
    • Social Media/Instagram Optimized Landing Page for core links
    • *Not to exceed 15 hours of website building
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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